Safety Tips for Single Women Living Alone

Over the period of time, few things are changing rapidly. One of them is that steadily the women are trying to become independent. To be independent they are getting into jobs which can provide them a better future. So to get that future many women particularly those who are single are moving out from various towns and cities towards the bigger cities in search of a bright future. This trend is good. Unfortunately, in our country, it is not easy for a single woman to live on her own. Especially, when there is always a constant threat looming over the safety of the females in our country. But to support their families, to get a better future many aspiring women are taking chances even if they have to live single in any damn city where there is a good career opportunity. Not only for jobs girls and women are moving out of their homes for higher education also but the motive is same to get a bright and independent future for themselves. But all these things are coming at a cost of their safety and security. So the question is because of safety and security the single women is not free to choose her career or financial independence. The answer is a BIG NO. They should not. However, single women living alone can opt for some safety measures for themselves.

In this article, Mr. Atul Mahajan, Director of India’s leading security guard agency, Miraz Securitas shares some safety tips for single women living alone. Here, they are.

Act Smartly on Social Media

Single women living alone must resist the urge to post things related to them like you are out of the town or watching a movie at home alone etc. Do not give general people insight or hint about your current activities or whereabouts.

Put On Porch Lights on all Night

For single women who are living alone, this will work only if you have a house or a ground floor apartment. But when there are bright lights around a home’s exterior, burglars or stalkers will be less likely to want to target that home. If you are living on a particular floor, then it would be wise the keep on the emergency lights all the time during the night.

Always Lock Your Doors and Windows When You Are Alone

You need to make sure that you should always lock your doors and windows when you go out or even when you are in.  Particularly, it’s just as important to keep your doors locked when you are not at home so no one can barge into your home.

Never Open the Door to a Stranger

Even though if someone says they are just, a sweeper, vendor or guys distributing some pamphlets, being a single woman you should never open the door without seeing for yourself. Make sure you have a good working peephole and door chain so you can screen visitors before opening up your door.

Also, consider installing a security camera in your home which will monitor both inner and outer surroundings of your house. Besides this, you can also opt for a home monitoring system which you can access through your mobile, laptops or office desktops to get the real-time footage of the surrounding of your home or apartment.

Play Smart with Your Mailbox

If you have your own mailbox at your house, a mail slot or a mail cubby in an apartment never list your first and last name. Just use your last name, and label your box with the word family after your last name. You will still get all your mail, but it would not be clear to others that you are a single woman who is living alone.

Be Alert While Driving

Being a single woman living alone it is highly imperative that you follow all the necessary precautions while driving. You should stay alert all the times, never stop for anyone, keep your car well maintained, avoid carrying valuables and keep your mobile well charged always so that in case of an emergency you can contact someone you can trust or on the emergency numbers. Always lock the car from inside while driving.

Well, when it comes to a women’s personal safety more so when if someone is a single woman and living alone it is actually better to be safe than sorry. Taking safety precautions may look like putting an extra effort but no doubt it is worth it. After all your safety is in your hands.

3 Easy Ways To Check If Your Security Guards Are Actually Working In Your Office Premises

Security guards are frequently pre-trained based on your office building’s security requirements. However, it is your responsibility too as a business owner to ensure their effectiveness and efficiency. The common performance metrics businesses use to gauge these contractors are not accurate enough in assessing your security guards’ performance. Therefore, you need to play a big role in making sure that these guards actually do their jobs in your office premises

In this post, Mr. Atul Mahajan, Director of India’s leading security guard agency, Miraz Securitas, shares 3 ways to check if your security guards are actually working in your office premises. Here they are:

From Time To Time, Arrive At Your Office Earlier Than Usual

Your security guards will seem to work really great when you are around or in your office, but it is easy to be flimsy for them when you get out of the door. Employees are usually more efficient with an observing eye around.

Try to figure out if your security guards are always on task by surprising them from time to time. Like, arrive at the office earlier than usual to catch them off guard. This way, it will be clear enough if they have been shirking their duties or not.

Try To Stay By Night

Besides from your early office arrivals, your guards will not expect some night-time appearances either as well. It is easy for a problematic guard to display unacceptable behaviour when no one is around. Try to show up at night between 12:00 AM-04: 00 AM to establish a sense of unpredictability.

By doing this, your guards will be more active and aware. They will no longer think that they can mess up when you are not around. They will never able to know when you are going to show up.

Use A Video Surveillance System

It is not really possible to check on your security guards every time. And though unexpected visits can get them back to work, it is easy for them to return to their undesirable mannerisms when you are away.

By installing a video surveillance system will allow you to observe your security guards’ performance on every location of your office where they are supposed to do their duty. Be it the entrance, corridors, floors or the parking lots. Even when you are not around. It also improves your overall security and reduces your visits to check on your security guards.

Qualities Of Good Bouncer For An Indian Bar And Club

Maintaining the crowd is a hectic thing in India. More so when it involves a club or a bar. The security faculty is an important part of your club and bar’s staff. Club and bar security or bouncers have long been hired for their physical intimidation and larger-than-life size factor. Owners feel that by hiring big bodybuilders, they would reduce the number of incidents because people would be afraid to mess with them.

This theory is changing somewhat as more bars and clubs look for improved communication and problem-solving skills in their bouncers. An effective bouncer can diffuse off incidents before they take bigger shape.

In this post, Mr. Atul Mahajan, Director of India’s leading security guard agency, Miraz Securitas, sharing points on qualities of good bouncer for an Indian bar and club. Here they are.

Effective Communication Skill

This may be a new idea to some people who have been in the club and bar business for a while, but the ability to talk to customers, including those who are intoxicated or potentially become violent, is the best first step in avoiding a fight or mishaps.

In a worst-case scenario, a bouncer who has effective communication skills can discuss the details of a bad situation with the concerned authorities, should the need arise.

A Quick Wit

It may sound strange, but having a little sense of humor can help diffuse many tense situations. Although you do not want someone who is extremely sarcastic and will alienate patrons or cause a situation to arise. But someone with quick one-liners can often keep things under control.

Physical Presence

Physical presence does not mean the bouncer has to look like he spends 12 hours a day lifting weights and taking steroids. But the bouncer should have cool confidence that shows people, “I am in charge here. So do not mess with me because you will not win.”

Never hire bullies or showoffs. Keep an eye on new bouncers closely for a week. Verify them all out with the local and state police. If you receive complaints about them from customers, investigate the complaints urgently. If you have to replace them, then replace them.

Ability To Make Apt Decisions

Throwing someone out of the bar is not always the solution. A good bouncer needs to have other tools in his arsenal. Ask the potential bouncer about how he has handled difficult situations in the past. How has he solved them? Does his solution match your ways? Also, ask him about a few scenarios to see how he would respond.

Here are some scenarios you can use as examples, to begin with.

  • A visitor hands you a fake ID. What would you do?
  • A couple is engaged in a heated argument in the bar or club. What would you do?
  • A potential customer offers you money to get into the bar or club without waiting in the queue. What would be your reaction?
  • A person may be using illegal drugs in your premises. What would you then and how?

A Neat Clean Appearance

Unlike, movies a good bouncer does not need to have long hair or wearing flashy bracelets or jewelry. These can be used against a bouncer. And good bouncers know them.

Always Remember: Your club and bar’s name, reputation, money, and liquor license are on the stake, so always ensure any guards or bouncers you hire, they represent you and consistently act in your best interest.


This is just the beginning of summertime in most parts of India. We are steadily moving towards the months of May and June which is always the peak summer time when the temperatures will soar higher and higher. With the rise in temperature not only it creates problems outside but inside your homes as well. It is during this time when we often hear that some building or home has catch fire. Though the reason for the eruption of fire is numerous. But the scorching summer heat is also, responsible at times for the occurrence of fire in many residential places.

Though, many residential colonies have security arrangements in the form of security guards to tackle external threats and factors. But how to ensure the internal security which arises from the threats like electrical fires?

Today, Mr. Atul Mahajan, Director of India’s leading security guard company, Miraz Securitas is sharing essential tips to protect your home from fire hazards during peak summer time.

Take Utmost Care While Using Your AC

It is a very common sight during the summer time that most of the households use AC for cooling purpose during the peak summer time. Sometimes they run even for the entire day. Usage of AC is not a problem. The issue is when you do not take thorough care regarding your AC parts. Before starting the usage of your air conditioner always, opt for proper servicing. The servicing should include both internal and external parts or accessories related to your AC. Any kind of wire or cable damage should be rectified. Because broken wire or cable will not able to withstand the electrical current and may cause a fire. Also, during excess heat weather also, ensure the check the cable covering as due to heat it may cause the cable coating to melt on its own. Which again is a possible threat for the incidents like fire.

Update Your Electrical Systems

It is always a good idea to periodically update your electrical systems. Particularly, during the summer time. More so, if you are living in an older home or building. You will notice that in many old buildings they have knob and tube or aluminium wiring. This equipment poses a greater threat of overheating. Many cases of overheating happen during summer time. Thus, it is advisable to replace or update those electrical parts immediately.

Protect Your Refrigerator And Freezer From High-Temperature Weather

Your refrigerator and freezer become most vulnerable during the summer weather. Especially, when they are kept in locations having a hot temperature, like your kitchen. Due to the gas fire in your kitchen, it boosts the temperature present there. Which in turn increases the temperature of your refrigerator because due to increased heat it is being forced to run much hotter and longer to maintain sustainable cooling inside. This results in wearing and tearing of its parts.

Hence, it is better to keep your refrigerator somewhere in a cooler place and maintain a few inches of distance from both floor and walls behind it.

Please Note: In any residential locality, you will definitely have your own security guard to protect you from any intruders which often comes from outside. But inside your home, you are your own best form of security. By adopting small measures at home will always ensure a more protective environment inside your home.


Safety and security are important to the overall well-being and comfort of all who work for any business. People should never feel insecure when walking to their car after work, irrespective of the location of the business or how big the parking lot is. This, although is not always the case, as a wide-open parking lot without any kind of security measures in place leave employees potentially prone to muggings, vehicle break-ins, and other crimes. Not only the crimes can leave the employees hurt and frustrated but it can also lead to lawsuits against the company itself for not properly securing the facility.

Today, Mr. Atul Mahajan, Director of India’s leading security guard agency, Miraz Securitas is sharing tips to secure your parking lot.


The first line of safety is to stop people from entering the facility who should not be inside of the premises.


Predators and criminals of serious offenses are less likely to attack during the day or when there is proper illumination in the parking lot. Lights can prove to be an extremely valuable form of defense for parking lot security. Routine patrols must include a lighting inspection report to document burned out lights, lighting that is not properly timed to illuminate ahead of darkness, and identifying any other lighting needs. Depending on the type of business and location, surface parking and parking structures.

Security Guard

A security guard is a good way to instantly upgrade the security of a building, including the surroundings and parking lot. Security officers must be trained to make eye contact, open doors, and offer pleasant greetings. If required, security officers should provide requested escorts to the parking lots, and also be prepared to assist with lockouts, and vehicle jump starts.

Security Gates

Installing security gates is another option. Security gates open only when an employee swipes their access clearance card at the checkpoint.


It is true that heavy, thick bushes are often fine to look at and can improve the appearance of the parking lot. But it also, create shadows and offers hiding places. Landscaping should be kept to a minimum to avoid any kind of hideouts.

Walk Together

Last, not least. Walking together is a great alternative as it will prevent the chances of becoming victim to any kind of crime.


If you work at a retail store, you are definitely all-too-familiar with the chaos that happens during the holidays, weekend, and a big sale. People rush around to do their shopping and it seems like there isn’t sufficient time or hands to look for keeping everything neat and tidy. When there are customers packed into the store, safety might take backstage. However, it’s vital to enforce safety and to always keep the store clean.

In this article, Mr. Atul Mahajan, Director of Delhi’s best security guard agency, Miraz Securitas Pvt Ltd gives some tips to improve safety for retail stores.


Think Ahead

Make certain that your employees know to always scan for potential risks. The floor should be kept as neat and tidy as possible. Boxes, items, and ladders can quickly become trip traps. Everything should be put away in their proper place, not left in the middle of the floor, and you must provide a space for employees to keep their belongings out of the way. Anticipating potential dangers is one of the best protection against accidents.

Never Block Fire Extinguishers Or Sprinklers

Fire is dangerous. You never want to have to climb over a pile of merchandise or boxes to get to the fire extinguisher when you need it, and the sprinklers will not be able to do their job if there are things in the between.

Do Not Barricade Yourself In

Emergency exits need to be kept clear so that everyone can make a quick exit if necessary. If you have to evacuate the store, it will be much less chaotic if people are not trying to climb over an obstacle course.

Be Ladder Smart

Your employees must be trained in how to use a ladder properly. It looks self-explanatory, but there is a right and a wrong method to climb. Some of the ladder safety tips are:

  • Never use a ladder which is broken or damaged.
  • Ensure that the ladder is the right height. It should rest three feet above the area that the employees are working on.
  • Place the ladder on a flat, stable surface at a 75-degree angle. For every 3 feet of height, the end of the ladder must be placed one foot back on the ground.
  • Be aware of weight limits on the ladder.
  • Never climb or stand on the top step.
  • Face the ladder, not the ground, when coming down.
  • Never leave a ladder unattended, particularly if it’s propped up.

Stress On Lifting Safety

Back injuries can happen very easily when it comes to transporting heavy boxes or loads. To help your workers avoid straining their backs. Here are some ways to train your staff:

  • Ensure that the way is clear and there’s nothing that can trip you.
  • Hold the load close to your body at your normal center of gravity.
  • Place feet one shoulder-width apart, with one foot alongside the load and the other behind the load.
  • Bend at the knees, not from the waist.
  • Keep your hands close to your body.
  • If you need to turn, move your feet in place of twisting at the waist.
  • Bend your knees and keep hands and feet clear when setting the stuff down.
  • Check when a load is too heavy or difficult for one person. Team lift when required.


Things Security Guards Should Look Out For When They Are On Patrol

When you look at, security guards at first glance, that are patrolling an area seem to be doing little. Nevertheless, trained security guards generally, have good reasons as to why they do such rounds. There are certain things that they often look out for during a patrol.

In this article, Mr. Atul Mahajan, Director of India’s leading security guard agency, Miraz Securitas shares about things security guards should look out for when they are on patrol.

Checking All Entrances And Exits

While guarding a building, security guards have to repeatedly check the state of any doors to the premises. Those that lead to more sensitive parts of the building generally receive more attention compared to the rest. Rather than simply looking at the door and figuring out if that is open or not, well-trained security guards often go the extra mile to check the lock and handle for symptoms of tampering. This could show that an individual tried to gain access to the building through this door, and would call for further investigation and possibly put in place more security features to deter this.

Have An Eye For Suspicious Objects

In the current world, the threat of terrorist attacks is quite real in virtually across the globe. To have a trained security guard is an advantage when it comes to pre-empting such a strike. During their patrols, these security guards can look out for objects that are out of places, such as bags, briefcases and other things which can potentially be harmful. If the item is very suspicious, they have the instruction to have the item examined by a professional body, like a bomb squad. Consistent thorough patrols can, therefore, foil these incidents.

Take Note Of People With Odd Behavior

In addition to inanimate things, security guards with proper training are also usually taught on how to identify and deal with individuals who might present a security threat to what the guards are protecting. To do this efficiently, the security guard would need to look out for certain behavior such as hanging around the same place for too long without appearing to have any business there. They may also have a shady look about them. Primarily, this boils down to having skills in reading body language in order to spot individuals who potentially pose a security risk to the premises.

Reading body language is not an inborn skill, which is why the guards need to be trained to know what to look out for. This is also the reason why one is supposed to hire trained guards when securing any facility.

Providing Helps To Individuals Who Might Require It

On a patrol, the guard might come across individuals who are lost or need some type of assistance. In a building, for example, a lost person could easily find himself/herself in an area of the building where they are not supposed to be, like the switch room. When a guard is on patrol, they probably come into contact with people who are lost and then guide them on how to get to a place where they need to go.

They are just a few of the many things that the security guard needs to look out for when on patrol.

Spotting Ongoing Crimes And Prevent Them

It is on a regular patrol that a security guard will have the highest possibility of spotting an ongoing crime. In the case of a building, for example, a would-be intruder would select an entry point that is far away from the guard’s office so as not to be seen. But, if the guards are on move, then they are more likely to be caught in the act, leading to a greater chance of stopping the crime and capture the suspects.


When it comes to hiring bodyguard making an optimal decision and hiring the correct bodyguard is of the utmost importance. There are a number of aspects you need to consider when approaching bodyguard services. For instance, an important official of state will have a different security requirement to that of a film star.

Here, Mr. Atul Mahajan, Director of Delhi’s top security guard company, Miraz Securitas Pvt Ltd shares tips to choose the right bodyguard.

Think About Your Position

You have to take your position into account before approaching to hire a bodyguard. As a traveling head of state from one of the world’s eminent countries, you will require more than just one bodyguard. You will have to approach a specialized security company that has enormous experience in protecting such important people of society. However, if you are a traveling celebrity exploring somewhere, a small team of bodyguards should be enough. In any case, it is always better to get into contact with a registered security services company who will be able to properly analyze the risks you face during your itinerary and advise you accordingly.

Bigger Is Not Always Better

One of the biggest misconceptions about bodyguards is that they got to have a built like trucks and weigh in more than120 kilograms. And while it is essential in some cases for a bodyguard to have an intimidating physical presence vastly of the work done by these protection professionals is aimed at defusing possible threats and not dealing with assailants directly. There are fewer things worse than having your bodyguard tussling with a would-be assailant in the public’s view while you are helplessly watching on.

Consult The Experts

Never be afraid to ask for advice from the team of experts. The security experts can give you invaluable advice and insights with respect to hiring a bodyguard.



Several business establishments are at continuous risk from employee theft, criminal break-ins, and intellectual property theft. As a business owner or professional office caretaker, what could you do to make sure your office workplace is as secure as it can be?

In this article, Mr. Atul Mahajan, Director of Delhi’s best security guard agency, Miraz Securitas Pvt Ltd shares 7 office security tips to secure your workplace. Here they are:


Verified Alarm System

Place a verified alarm system to make sure quick police response times to nab criminals in the act.

Employee Screening Policy

Safeguard your business from employee theft by deploying a hiring screening policy that includes criminal record checks and reference checks.  Ask for documents of any relevant certifications or credentials.

Employee Access Control

Have a managed access control system with keyless entry to track and limit who goes where and when.  This will also allow you to easily disable access if an employee loses their card or no longer works for your organization.

Employee Training

Develop and implement an in-depth training program on workplace safety and security, including how to appropriately lock up documents, protect passwords and secure the building.  Also, implement your policy on employee theft and confidentiality agreements.

Lock Up Server Room

Limit access to your server room to those who have passed extensive security clearance, and use an access control management.  Also, make sure your server room location cannot be accessed through neighboring business’ common walls i.e. it must be in the center of your facility.


Miraz Securitas Pvt Ltd_best security guard company in delhi

Are you looking to hire a new security guard for your company or residential complex?

Being a security guard needs a unique and refined set of skills.

However, there’s a lot more than just great physical fitness and the ability to stay awake for long hours that are required out of a security guard in today’s world.

With workplace robberies and other violent events increasing, you need to make certain you have the protection you need.

From de-escalating violence to ensuring to show up on time, sometimes, the smallest details can be the big difference between life and death.

So, what skills and traits do you need to look for when hiring a security guard?

In this article, Mr. Atul Mahajan, Director of Delhi’s top security guard agency, Miraz Securitas Pvt Ltd talks about qualities every security guard must-have.



Being on time may not seem like something that’s more important to a security guard than any other job.

However, remember that criminals are counting on your security guard to be even late by a couple of minutes. That’s a lot of time for experienced thieves or worse to get away with almost all of a premise’s equipment.

Make sure that you hire a guard who is always on time and one that never tries to sneak out early.

De-Escalation Tactics

Thanks to some of the movie portrayals, it’s simpler to think that security guard skills include being able to trace someone from half a mile away.

However, the real sign of talent when it comes to being a security guard is someone who looks to use of physical and weapons as the last possible resort.

Try to ask potential guards you interview what they have found to be an effective de-escalation tactic in their work experience.

Remember that you want to do everything you could to avoid violence particularly if the use of unnecessary force could carry stiff fines and damage to your property’s reputation.

A Knowledge Of The Warning Signs Of Danger

Alertness is an important part of the security guard’s skills. However, you want the guard that you select to hire to be able to avert a problem before it starts, not just to step in when something dangerous is already happening on the property.

They need to be able to identify the clear warning signs of potential threat.

This goes way beyond observing a couple arguing in your parking lot or keeping an eye on a homeless person in your building’s park.

It also means spotting an unfamiliar character on the property.

It means having knowledge of people’s normal schedules and asking the right questions to check whether or not someone truly has “an appointment” as they’re saying at the front desk.

The Ability To Write Actual Report

Now, the worst has happened and despite everyone’s best efforts, there has been a breach of security on your property.

The security guard that you’ve hired must have the ability to clearly and accurately write incident reports. They should also be honest while making the reports even if what happened occurred because of a minor lapse on their part.

They should also know how to submit these reports to the proper authorities.

Above all, they will need to have good communication skills. After all, the faster and better they communicate, the sooner the criminal can be caught.